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GToptions $250 Up to 100% Up to 90% 4.3Broker Star Rating Broker Review TRADE NOW
LBinary $250 Up to 75% Up to 85% 4.3Broker Star Rating Broker Review TRADE NOW
OptionFair $250 Up to 30% Up to 88% 4.0Broker Star Rating Broker Review TRADE NOW
RBOptions $300 Up to 100% Up to 90% 4.0Broker Star Rating Broker Review TRADE NOW
UBinary $250 Up to 50% Up to 90% 3.7Broker Star Rating Broker Review TRADE NOW
247Binary $250 Up to 100% Up to 75% 4.1Broker Star Rating Broker Review TRADE NOW

Yalicoo Star System

We at Yalicoo, as a leading review binary options platforms website, took it upon ourselves to check each and every binary options broker to the detail. We know that your time is valuable and therefore developed a grading system that can make your life easier and help your choice of binary options platform faster & smarter.
Excellent Medal Very Good Medal Good Medal
How do we grade the Binary Options Brokers
Our grading system is relative, meaning that we grade the brokers relatively to the other brokers we reviewed. So, for example, if a broker receives only 3 stars on support it does not mean that their support system is average but it means that comparing them to the rest of the brokers we reviewed, their support system deserves 3 stars.
Safety is very very important. Why? because you invest your money and transfer funds into the different brokers platforms. As part of the safety check-up we look at the deposit methods and check to see if SSL protocol is used and the website is secured, we look for the company name and see if there is a clear place of registration and we know where the headquarters are and we look into the inactive account policy to see that the money deposited does not disappear after a period of time the account is not used.
Customer Support
Customer support is very important when choosing a binary options broker to trade with. You need to have convenient way to approach your broker either by email, phone or live chat. The medals given for customer support were based on if we received a phone call from an account manager after registration, how long did we receive a reply on an email we sent, if the company has any format of 24/5 (Trading days- Monday-Friday) and we also looked into the information provided in the broker’s website; can you easily reach answers to common questions.
Overall Binary Options Broker Review
This is our most important medal. In this Category we looked at the overall combination of the broker’s offerings: the support level, the security level, the broker’s trading platform level of technology, is it an easy to use platform, how easy it is to deposit & withdrew funds and more.


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